Coaching for women


Coaching for Women

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who is ready for change in any area of their lives. The most important thing is that you ready and willing to put in some work and are motivated to go forward. If you are feeling like its time to regain control and power over your life, then coaching is for you.


As coaches we do not advise or pretend that we are the experts of your life, problem or idea, neither do we do the work for you. We are simply here to help you to discover the answers that already exist within you in a non-judgemental and supportive way.  Using coaching tools and questions we can help you begin to unravel your thinking and see for yourself the changes and steps that you would like to make.

Its like anything that we want to achieve in our lives, we have to work for it. When we go to college, we can receive the lessons, but in order to pass the exams, we need to do the work. Coaching is like this, with effort the results can be amazing and rewarding!

'Continuous effort not strength or intelligence,

is the key to unlocking our potential'


Winston Churchill

What kind of thing can coaching help me with?...


I coach women who are ready to change, this can be in any area of their lives. You may have a specific goal in mind or just a general idea of the direction you'd like to go in. Below are a few


 - Stress Management

 - Anxiety

 - Work/life balance

 - Career change

-  Setting up your own business

 - Motivation

-  Wellbeing

 - Difficult emotions - feelings of  guilt, comparison etc.

 - Diet and exercise 

 - Relationship issues

 - Preparing for an event - an interview, marathon or challenge for example.

All coaching sessions last roughly an hour and can happen in nature, a therapy room or via skype. Contact me for a FREE consultation.


Coaching for Teenage Girls

I have a background in mentoring young women aged 14 -19. This experience has given me a real insight into the struggles that young women have in todays society. I believe that working with young women, helping them to develop their own identity and be comfortable with who they are, will allow them to thrive in all areas of their lives.

In an age where everything is online, where there is a huge celebrity culture, reality TV and the media portrays the perfect body image and what it means to be successful, there is no wonder that young women are struggling to find their way and feel they are good enough.


With a stark rise in eating disorders and adolescent mental health problems, financial constraints, the cost of education and the competitive job market. It is now more important than ever to work with young women to help them develop coping strategies, resilience and identity. In doing this we are allowing them to feel they are good enough and to make decisions that have a more positive impact on their future.

Using my coaching skills and mentoring experience I work with young women one to one and in groups. I can support them with the following:

 - Confidence and self esteem.

 - Behaviour in school/college.

 - Developing a positive body image.

 - Developing relaxation techniques to cope with stress and anxiety.

 - Making decisions in relation to education and/or work choices.

 - Bullying - online/face to face.

 - Motivation 


If you feel this would help you or a member of your family, contact me today for a free discussion. Prices for this service are dependant on the situation and what kind of package you will require. I can give you a quote at the end of our consultation. 


Coaching for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Is your school/college/university struggling with under achievement?

Are your staff overwhelmed with the level of work that they are presented with?

Have you seen an increase in the complex issues that your students are facing daily?


If so I am here to help. Having worked as a mentor for young women, I am more than aware of the level and complexity of issues they face, I am also aware of how difficult it can be for staff to support each and every student to the best of their ability, as well as fit in all the other areas of their job.

I can work with your organisation in the following ways:

- Staff training on facilitating one to one support for students

- One to one and group support for staff around wellbeing, stress management and work life balance

- Group sessions for female students, that will focus on personal development and overcoming barriers to achievement 

- One to one sessions for female students 

- Team away days.

- Student away days


If you would like to see more grounded, motivated and engaged learners, less staff sickness, better teamwork and a higher student retention and success rate, contact me today and we can look at the perfect package for you.


Coaching for Organisations

Work Life Balance...


Work life balance has been proven to:

* Improve staff motivation

*Increase staff retention

*reduce staff absence

*Attract new talent and reduce employee stress.

Your staff being the most valuable asset in your business, they are definitely worth investing in.


I can work with you to create an environment of wellbeing, or with your staff one to one to help them achieve more balance, motivation, confidence and achievement at work. I can help both male and female staff to discover where their strengths lie, what motivates them and how they can be the very best of themselves at work and at home.

Contact me to discuss the right package for you.

Team Away Days/Corporate Groups...


What better way to relax, recharge, re connect and re energise, than spending a day with your team in the woods!


This is a very special package, as it incorporates woodland activities, mindfulness, group work and toasting marshmallows with a homemade lunch, including stone baked pizzas in the pizza oven.

This day will be run not only by me, but also by Adam Dove from our sister company, the Woodland Adventure Company. The WAC has been running for 7 years and has delivered  many training events. You can find out more about The WAC here:  

If you feel like your team would benefit from some time out then contact us for a quote and free consultation today.

New Direction...


I can work with your company if you are experiencing funding changes or redundancy. I can help staff cope with these changes, working one to one in supporting them to discover a new direction, boost team morale and manage the stress and anxiety that can be associated with change.


Contact me to discuss the available options.

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