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Why Nature?

Have you ever experienced that sense of peace, connection and awe when out in nature? That magical feeling of dipping your toes in cool water on a summer day and the smell of freshly cut grass? The incredible feeling of standing on top of a mountain and looking down on the Earth below, or lying on your back and watching the clouds pass by?

Nature is not separate from us, we are part of nature, you could even say that we are nature, as all things exist in connection with each other. It is actually us that have distanced ourselves from the natural ecosystems of life, trading living on the land for living in concrete boxes and staring at artificial light for most of each day. 

So, what does this disconnect do to us?


It makes us feel separate, lonely and unsure of our place in the world. By coming back to nature we are coming back to ourselves, experiencing a sense of connection to something greater than our own individual experience on the Earth.

Spending time outside in nature, connecting with images of nature, or even just focusing on an aspect of nature that we can see through our window, has been scientifically proven to benefit all aspects of our emotional, physical and mental health. We are happier when we reconnect to what is natural and beautiful in this world.

What is Nature Connection?

Nature connection is an opportunity to slow down, tune in and connect with everything around you.

Maybe you go out into nature, take a hike, a walk, or a run, but are often distracted, with headphones in or talking with the person you are with. Sometimes our focus is on the destination rather than the journey.

Actively choosing to spend time with nature is very different. Being in nature with the intention to pay attention to what you see, hear and feel around you is how you develop a relationship with the natural world. It is how you start to notice the layers of nature, there is so much more available to see than at first glance.

Slowing down and noticing does many things, it brings about a sense of curiosity about the natural world, taking us out of our limited views and broadening our perspectives. This can help us to problem solve, gain insight and connect us with our intuition. Actively noticing nature, takes us out of our head, invoking a more mindful state. This is such an essential practice in these busy and stressful times, when we are often in the fight or flight response, rushing to get everything done. 

When we are in this slower more balanced and connected place, our body feels less tense, we feel lighter and open the door to creativity, perspective and possibility. Tuning in with a sense of awe, allows us to open up to our own true nature, from which we can gain a greater sense of clarity and purpose, explaining why coaching with nature is such a powerful and necessary practice.

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