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Coaching for Women

Life and Nature Coaching

Working with a coach is an exciting, supportive and insightful time. I have a coach, I believe we all need a coach. In my experience, it is so helpful to have a space, where you feel seen and heard for who you are. Where you feel you can explore your goals dreams and ideas and gain real clarity on how to move forward.

What I love the most about being a coach, is really going on that journey with you, I feel a sense of deep privilege to work with you and share in your dreams and goals, I am right there with you encouraging you on, rooting for you and believing in you. Because in reality, when you first come, I am likely to be able to see your beautiful unique and authentic self more clearly than you, but when we have cleared the weeds, you will not only see yourself more clearly, you will have the confidence to be yourself in the world as well.

Women come to me for all sorts of reasons, with all sorts of ideas about what they would like to change. What each person who seeks me out has in common, is that feeling of being stuck and not sure which direction to take in terms of action, a lack of connection to their life in some way and to themselves. So this is where we start, right where you are. We go back to basics, back to your roots and build from there.

If you have read the about me section, you will know how I took my journey back to me, you will know the importance of nature in my life. Years of connecting with nature deeply, has allowed me to bring it into my work. This is extremely important when we are talking about reconnection with ourselves and our life, because nature resets our nervous system, bringing us to the moment, enhancing problem solving and allowing us to feel grounded and at peace. This enables a deeper experience in coaching and more lasting effective results. 

I have taken all my years of experience of working with people, my accredited coach training and my own journey, to create unique coaching opportunities for you. I would love to hear from you and talk about getting you started on your journey back to a connected and meaningful life. 

If you are ready, do not hesitate, you will not regret this amazing opportunity!

- Online or face to face sessions

- Pre coaching questionnaire

- 3 or 6 60 - 90 minute sessions

- Tailored coaching tools to suit your needs

- Increased clarity, action and connection

- Emails in between sessions

- Session notes (if required)

- Follow up post sessions, to identify change/clarify/look at further action

3 sessions - £210

6 sessions - £390

Nature Coaching sessions

- Online or Face to face

- Pre session questionnaire

- 3 or 6 60 - 90 minute sessions

-Emails between sessions

- Nature practices during sessions and to try at home

- Greater peace, connection and balance 

- Understanding of your own unique way of connecting with the world

- A realistic plan to incorporate nature into your daily routine 

3 sessions - £210

6 sessions - £390

Coaching sessions

Nature Coaching for Women UK

I spent a wonderful hour with Marie. Her observations helped me to be more mindful and aware. I felt very comfortable with Marie and her guidance and will definitely do more of this. I left feeling much calmer and more grounded.


- Jo D Nature Coaching 2023

Womens life coaching Yor, Marie Dove

“The whole setting is therapeutic, being outdoors and around the fire. I loved connecting with the tree, taking in its strength and wisdom. I want to thank Marie for offering these sessions, they are a wonderful way of immersing yourself in nature. The magical setting of the woods instantly supports your wellbeing. Thank you”

Becca, Nature Coaching- 2023

Forest bathing york
Outdoor life coaching UK
Women's nature coaching UK
Marie Dove women's life coach
Forest bathing York UK

"Between every two pines there is a doorway to another world."
- John Muir

If you choose the face to face option, you will be invited to join me in a magical, peaceful and private woodland.

With the nature coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to explore the woodland.

All face to face coaching happens seated by the fire.

The woodland is a therapeutic space in itself, the moment you step out of the car, you already feel more relaxed and energised!

What are nature connection practices?

Connecting to nature involves bringing us to the moment, opening the senses through exploring the environment. We also engage in grounding practices, supporting you to feel more connected to the Earth and to your body. Visualisations are very effective when coaching online. I will talk you through the process at our FREE initial consultation, which can be booked by contacting me

Can nature connection really work online?

Yes! I was amazed the first time I ran a nature session online. Using our memory and visual skills, as well as images and sounds, we can receive amazing benefits from bringing nature connection into online coaching. I would be happy to talk to you further about this, contact me to book your FREE initial conversation 

Coaching ordinary people to do extraordinary things...
I was on the coaching team for the Atlantic Ladies who achieved their goal of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in 60 days in the 2017/18 Talisker Atlantic Whiskey Challenge, the worlds toughest row!
Atlantic Ladies UK

"Marie was my personal coach who played a big part in assisting my mental preparation to complete the Atlantic rowing challenge with my crew mates. Marie was naturally intuitive and demonstrated insightfulness into the challenge ahead. During each coaching session Marie was very patient in helping me to manage my own expectations and fears and to recognise the strengths I had to achieve my personal and team goals.
The time I spent with Marie was an invaluable source of guidance and empowerment and the experience gave me an insight into the value of having someone who is not only a listening ear but who can also offer tools and resources to support direction and decision making in many aspects of life”.


Sharon 2018

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