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Women's Circles

I had never heard of women's circles when I had the

idea to run them. I had no sense of their history or how

incredibly important they are. It all started from a

little voice inside that called me, I simply found the

courage to answer and the most incredible and

inspirational journey began, from my first ever circle in

the woodland back in 2018.

I very quickly learnt how powerful, healing, validating

and connecting circle's are and how, in this fragmented

and divided world, they are needed more now than ever. 

The power of circle is universal, symbolising unity, wholeness and eternity. Within it, we are called to remember our own wholeness, our connection to the greater cycle of life, to ourselves and each other.


What happens in a circle? 

- We hold space for each other, bearing witness to our own and each others stories.

- We see our own fears, dreams, experiences and hopes reflected in each other, there is nothing more validating than seeing yourself in the words of another.

- We connect with our ancestors, our roots and our heritage by gathering in this way. Circles are within us, they are part of us.

- We deepen trust in ourselves by hearing our voice and honouring our story.

- We awaken our innate and deep seated wisdom.

- We create a confidential and safe space, where we can feel valued and accepted exactly as we are.

- We start to know ourselves and others on a deeper level, increasing our confidence and sense of self.

- We embrace ceremony and ritual, to feel more intimately connected to the fabric of life.

Coming together, seated in compassion, we move from the separation with feel in the outside world, the 'I' and we start to feel part of the collective, the 'we', from this place of wholeness, we can loosen the armour that we build up around our hearts and allow our true nature to be seen, felt and heard.

The Campfire Community 

In a world divided, lets create connection.

The Campfire Community is a monthly circle for women who crave authentic face to face connection.

There is something really magical about the kind of conversations that happen around a campfire, away from screens and artificial light. The movement and crackling of the fire, soothes us, calms us down and allows us to be creative and to reflect. The smell of the wood can be nostalgic and relaxing. If we add to this the noise of the birds and the lushness of the woodland, we have the perfect environment for something very real and important.

Here we can be free from the mask, the social image that we use in the outside world and online. We can talk openly and honestly with other women and feel a sense of connection that is difficult to find in the fast pace of our modern life.

Imagine how our relationships and the world could change by REAL, AUTHENTIC and HONEST conversations?

Join me to regain this connection, to build a strong community, one that values TRUTH, CONNECTION, RESPECT and AUTHENTICITY. Together through true connection we can overcome loneliness and stress and rebuild a world based on something deeper.

We meet monthly, we share, we connect with nature and each other, we eat cake and drink hot chocolate. We leave feeling less stressed, more connected and relaxed, our energy is improved, this effects our relationships and in turn the world.

Join me to change the world one conversation at a time…

Attendance at the Campfire community includes a unique, authentic and transformational experience, the use of a private woodland, deep and meaningful conversation, connection, hot chocolate and homemade cake.

The Campfire Community runs on a membership basis, to foster a sense of safety and deeper relationship for participants. If you are interested you can pay for a one off session and if you like it and would like to attend monthly, you will be invited to purchase a membership. Memberships run on a 6 month block basis, if you join halfway through a block, you only pay for the sessions left of that block.

Sessions run in a beautiful private woodland near York, on the first and last Friday of each month and the last Sunday of each month. Sessions run all through the year.

The Campfire Community, Marie Dove
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The Campfire Community

This world can be heavy, full of demands.

Constantly busy, we are stressed making plans.

Our shoulders burdened with the image we hold,

Weighed down by all, we were falsely sold.


But there is a truth that must be told,

It is time now for women to break the mould.

To gather, to listen, to hold the space,

To rise in their power, for this human race.


And so, into the circle, gather those who hear,

the call of their heart, loud and clear.

The roar of the fire, the sound of the birds,

the welcome of nature, settles the nerves.


We enter as strangers, but quickly learn,

Sisters are we, who equally yearn.

For that place in the forest, of wisdom and hope,

That provides us a haven and helps us to cope.

- Marie Dove 2022

Interested in Joining this amazing, connecting and transformational experience? Contact me for availability and to connect. 

Seasonal Circles

Connecting with natures seasonal cycle allows us a deeper connection to our own cycles and the cycles of life. 

Each season in nature has so much to teach us. The wheel of the year, is like a life in miniature, we all go through Springs and Summers and we also have to go through the Autumns and Winters of life as well. Understanding this on a deeper level allows a greater acceptance of change and a deeper knowing of our own energy and productivity levels. By bringing a practice of cyclical connection into life, we start to develop an intuitive sense of our own individual and collective needs.

Each year, I mark the Solstices and Equinoxes in the woodland, by running circles, so that we can, together journey into the cycles and seasons of the year. Each circle is a beautiful experience, filled with deep sharing, ceremony and offering.

Dates will be added to the book online page when available. Alternatively you can register your interest by contacting me directly or signing up for my newsletter
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Woodland Day Retreats

In this fast paced world, how often do you take time to slow down and reenergise? 

When was the last time you really relaxed?

How would it feel to take a day just for you?

My woodland day retreats and events are the perfect tonic for stress and overwhelm. You may be feeling disconnected from yourself or your life and need some time to reset, or perhaps you just love the idea of taking some time out for yourself, being with other women and in nature. Whatever the reason, if you feel drawn to coming, you will love the woods, the time out for yourself and the nourishment that you will receive throughout the day.


From the moment you step out of the car into the woodland, your body and mind start to relax. The healing properties of the surroundings, slow your nervous system and remind you to take that much needed deep breath.

Each event will be different, but all of them are designed to nourish and support your wellbeing. I am passionate about providing you with time, energy and relaxation, so that you leave feeling like you again.

A typical day might include:

- A grounding practice, bringing you from the daily world into the woodland.

- Time in the woodland - exploring and connecting.

- Time in the hammock - seeing the world from a different perspective.

- Homemade organic and nourishing lunch.

- Nature connection activities - such as tree connection, awakening the senses or journaling 

- Time in circle, sharing reflections with the group.

- Cooking on the fire and hot chocolate.

Full day sessions run in spring and summer. Dates will be added to the book online page when available. Alternatively you can register your interest by contacting me directly or signing up for my newsletter

I am also available for private group bookings or bookings for your team or organisation.


"Campfire is a key highlight for me each month and something I look forward to with great anticipation.  I  started coming to Campfire in Spring 2021 as we were emerging out of lockdown.  The wood where the campfire takes place is a very special and unique environment, a safe and natural space to be with other like minded women,  to talk, laugh, cry, listen or just ’to be’.  Marie, who leads the Campfire experience, gently and calmly creates this special place, enabling each of us to grow and learn and explore, in a supportive and caring environment.  We all sit around a fire pit, wrapped in blankets and drink coffee or hot chocolate and eat delicious cake and through conversation and listening, explore a range of topics, pertinent to us all.  I feel safe, cocooned and supported and valued and leave each campfire feeling calm, at peace and able to tackle the world again.  For anyone who is curious,  loves nature, enjoys the company of great women and wants some valuable time out, this two hours per month is the best investment anyone could make for themselves.  I love it.  !"

Cathy -  a member of the Campfire Community 2022

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