The Campfire Community is a monthly meet up for women who crave authentic face to face connection.

There is something really magical about the kind of conversations that happen around a campfire, away from screens and artificial light. The movement and crackling of the fire, soothes us, calms us down and allows us to be creative and to reflect. The smell of the wood can be nostalgic and relaxing. If we add to this the noise of the birds and the lushness of the woodland, we have the  perfect environment for something very real and important.

Here we can be free from the mask, the social image that we use in the outside world and online. We can talk openly and honestly with other women and feel a sense of connection that is difficult to find in the fast pace of our modern life.

Imagine how our relationships and the world could change by REAL, AUTHENTIC and HONEST conversations?

Join me to regain this connection, to build a strong community, one that values TRUTH, CONNECTION, RESPECT and AUTHENTICITY. Together through true connection we can overcome loneliness and stress and rebuild a world based on something deeper.

We meet monthly, we talk, we connect with nature and each other, we eat cake and drink hot chocolate. We leave feeling less stressed, more connected and relaxed, our energy is improved, this effects our relationships and in turn the world.

Join me to change the world one conversation at a time…

If you want to pay monthly the Campfire Community is £20 per month, this includes a unique and authentic experience, the use of a private woodland,  deep and meaningful conversation, connection, hot chocolate and cake.

If you want to really feel part of this incredible community and know that your space is secured each month,  you can purchase a 6 monthly membership, reducing the cost to £17.50 per month! 

Your space or membership can be booked by clicking on the button below:

The Campfire Community


Seasonal Workshops

Based in a beautiful private woodland, you can take some time out of your daily routine, unwind, reconnect and (re) energise.

Each workshop will be focused around the season and what it can teach us about our own lives. There will be coaching activities and exercises that generate discussion and allow a deeper connection to ourselves and nature.

We may make something that represents the topic and there will always be something to take away with you, that will be a permanent reminder of the focus of the session.

There will be hot chocolate and cake, great conversation, nature connection and most importantly a unique experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Workshops will run on different dates throughout the year, enabling us to experience the different seasons in the woodland.

Click book now for any up and coming events.


Is your life busy?

Do you feel you need time to slow down, re energise and reconnect?

Would you benefit from some time to re focus?

Are you curious about how nature can help with this?

If so then one of my nature connection days is exactly what you need. I invite you to the beauty and tranquillity of my woodland space, where you can enjoy a mixture of activities that nourish our connection to ourselves and the natural world, as well as time out for yourself to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings.


We will make the most of the season, of the space and of the time away from the pressure of everyday life. You will meet other women who share your values and enjoy a lovingly prepared organic lunch. 

Days will run throughout the year, click below for availability

Nature Connection Days

woods 4.JPG
Fern leaf


"I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. We were welcomed warmly and the atmosphere was very peaceful. I loved the balance of creating something with conversation and sharing - keeping my hands busy allowed the mind and spirit to relax and conversation to flow. Listening to the wind in the trees and the natural sounds removed from the bustle of urban life was oddly powerful. I recognised that this wasn't something I would really ever make time to do on my own and attending the session provided me the opportunity to try something new that I truly found restorative. I was inspired by the encouragement of the group of women, whom I didn't know to work towards some tentative goals with more confidence and gave me some new ideas I hadn't really considered previously. It struck me that spending time with a community of women from different walks of life and different ages was very empowering. I love that sessions like these are available and I hope that I am able to attend another soon!"

Lauren 2018