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Team Wellbeing Days 

Are you a school, NHS, Social Work team or Charity, or any other caregiving team who provides essential support to those in need?

What would it feel like to spend a day in the woods to recharge, reenergise and reconnect?

How might your team benefit from connecting with each other in a different way?

We are passionate about providing caregivers the essential time out that they need and deserve, to be able to give the very best of themselves to those who need and depend on them.

Something magical happens to caregivers when they step outside of their regular environment, slow down and have the space to explore what they need and feel.

Being in the woods for a team day with us, is a gentle, non pressured and enjoyable experience. We take care of every need, so that you don't have to think of a thing all day. You don't even need to worry about the time, we have everything covered.

A day with us is tailored to what your team needs the most - wellbeing. The first step is a discussion with you, so that we can get a sense of your team and what may be the best fit in terms of plan for the day. We will then send you over a proposal and together agree on the final agenda.

Team days take place in a private woodland with toilet and hot drink facilities onsite. We can make you a nourishing organic lunch or you can choose the option to bring your own.

Team Away days York
Wellbeing days for teams and organisations Yorkshire
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