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Celebrating Wholeness, the Rise of the Feminine.

As a women's life coach, I have a real passion for women finding, sharing and celebrating their unique self, their individual note or gift, the part of them that shines when they allow themselves to be vulnerable and share their story. It is truly connecting and a wonderful expression of their inner light.

We as women have been conditioned that we are not enough, that we have to look or be a certain way to be accepted. So much so, that we can fall into comparing ourselves with others, feeling they are better than us - a better mother, a better wife, a better daughter etc. This has caused a separation between us, a breakdown of the community and solidarity that was previously shared. It has been the perfect tactic if you think about it, divide us, keep us focused on what we look like, the need to please others, to know our place and we won't come together, we won't make a fuss. Imagine how powerful the feminine energy is, if our whole society has been constructed in such a way as to keep it down?

"Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging. Women often experience shame when they are entangled in a web of layered, conflicting and competing social-community expectations. Shame leaves women feeling trapped, powerless and isolated." - Brene Brown

What is beautiful and truly inspirational though, is this is no longer working, women are rising, we are gathering, we are being brave and vulnerable, we are REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE. Women are sharing and collaborating, we are feeling the power in connection. This energy and force is healing for self and planet and it is incredibly addictive. To meet with other women and connect at a deeper level, allows us to connect to ourselves and accept ourselves on that level also.

Now is the time for us to really listen to our inner wisdom, to that deep intuitive feminine wisdom that is calling us. It is the restlessness inside each of us, it is our yearning for a better world. We can no longer allow the constructs that have been put in place for generations to hold us back, we must listen deeply to our inner wisdom, awaken our inner power, our feminine healer.

We are being called now to rise, to stand for what is right. We are being called to divorce ourselves from toxic relationships with those, who do not serve in the interests of the people and the planet and to awaken the feminine energy that is creative in nature and will give birth to real, meaningful change.

I would like you for a minute to imagine if the birds compared themselves to each other and so didn't sing, imagine for a minute a world without birdsong? I can't imagine a colder or sadder world. We must remember that each bird sings its own authentic tune, which when joined with the tune of others creates a beautiful chorus and is a gift to anyone who hears. So, take inspiration from the birds, sing your authentic tune, raise your voice, because in doing so, you will become part of a global chorus, that will light up the world in harmony, light and love.

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